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About Us - Jeff McCullough - Owner Tree Hill MediaPortrait of Jeff McCullough

Owner Jeff McCullough began his life-long enjoyment of music at the age of five playing piano, drums and percussion. If it made sound he played it! His first love was synthesizer programming. Starting his first company "Future Sounds" at age 16 he soon became a popular sound designer for many top touring artists.

After high school Jeff went to LA and worked in many of the top name studios cutting his teeth as an engineer, arranger and digital audio editor. Using the latest technology (digital audio workstations) with traditional tape based recording techniques Jeff was able to perfect his engineering skills under some of the industries top producers. Jeff then transitioned into the role of arranger and musician.

By age 20 Jeff had programmed over 300 MIDI files that are still used internationally by the Karaoke industry. Founded in 1997, Jeff McCullough's recording studio/production company has produced, engineered and mixed thousands songs, building a name for himself and his studio in Southern California. Encompassing 20+ languages and over 100 styles,

Jeff McCullough's discography is deep and varied. Studying Music Business at the Berkley School of music has further given him the tools to know the Music Business Machine and how it works. What does this mean to you? It means Jeff has the skills and knowledge to back it up to get you what you need to get your music out there!

2006 saw the construction of Jeff McCullough's new Protools HD based Recording studio. The studio hosts 6 uniquely shaped rooms allowing enough space for full band tracking sessions with isolation and at the same time the intimate vocal booth is perfect for YOUR solo project. Offering a full palette of high-quality sounds and tools for the composer, artist and producer, Jeff McCullough's studio Tree Hill Media has been designed to promote the creation of imaginative and timely professional music and sound.

With state-of-the-art technology and over 20 years of music production experience, Jeff's goal is to meet the need for an 'artist centric' production company. With an extensive network of industry contacts, Jeff McCullough brings his technical expertise, passion and creativity tempered with honesty and reliability to help maximize your production investment.