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Vazquez Sounds Records Latest Hit with Music Producer Jeff McCullough


December 17, 2011
YouTube Sensation Vazquez Sounds launches their latest project "All I want for Christmas is You", recorded with Producer Jeff McCullough. 

Escondido, CA

Vazquez Sounds - Latest Project

Music Producer for Hire's own Jeff McCullough just completed a project with the worldwide sensation Vazquez Sounds. The Vazquez family came into our studio and recording the track for their newest hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You", a cover of the Miriah Cary song featuring the lead vocal by Angie Vazquez. In less than 72 hours over 4.3 million people have signed on to watch their latest song. We at Music Producer for Hire want to congratulate Vazquez Sounds for their amazing success.

Jeff McCullough recorded, mixed, arranged, mastered and produced the song that is now appearing on YouTube and available for purchase on iTunes.

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 Vazquez Sounds with Jeff McCullough, Producer

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